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The Apex Chamber of Maharashtra

Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (MACCIA) is the Apex Chamber of the State. The Chamber plays a pivotal role in supplementing and augmenting the efforts of Government for the economic development of the State and advancement of its people. With more than 3500 direct Members, comprising of large, medium and small-scale industries, traders, agriculturist and professionals, MACCIA is the only Chamber in Maharashtra, which has deep-roots in all the 35 districts encompassing 355 Talukas of Maharashtra. In addition over 800 local trade and industry associations and professional bodies having collective membership of over 700,000 business organizations from all over the State are affiliated to the Chamber and thus it virtually functions as the State’s Apex Chamber.

Foundation in Pre-Independence Era

The Chamber was founded in the year 1927 by the great Visionary Industrialist Late Seth Walchand Hirachand with the mission to unite & organize the business class, then emerging in the pre-independent India. After its establishment in 1927, the Chamber had the fortune to be nurtured by stalwarts and doyens of Indian industry.

Galaxy of Past Presidents

Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (MACCIA) was founded in the year 1927 by the great visionary and industrialist Seth Walchand Hirachand After its establishment in 1927, the Chamber had the fortune to be nurtured by stalwarts and doyens of Indian industry

Former President Year Former President Year
Late Seth Walchand Hirachand 1927 - 38 Late Shri M. L. Dahanukar 1938-46
Late Shri D.R Naik 1946 - 48 Late Shri G.V.Puranik 1948-50
Late Shri W. W. Wagh 1950 - 51 Late Shri E. B. Rajderkar 1951-52
Late Shri K. H. Kabbur 1952 - 54 Late Shri B. D. Garware 1954-58
Late Shri K. H. Dhamdhere 1958 - 60 Late Shri Lalchand Hirachand 1960-64
Late Shri Ramkrishna Bajaj 1964 - 67 Late Shri S. M. Dahanukar 1967-68
Shri Deokisan Sarda 1968 - 69 Late Shri Bharat Gulabchand 1969-70
Shri Madhavrao Apte 1970 - 73 Late Shri Babubhai Rathi 1973-75
Late Shri J. G. Bodhe 1975 - 77 Late Shri B. M. Gogte 1977-79
Late Shri A. S. Kasliwal 1979 - 83 Shri Shashikant Garware 1983-85
Late Shri Padmakar Dhamdhere 1985 - 87 Shri Arvind Doshi 1987-90
Shri Subhash Dandekar 1990 - 92 Shri Vasantrao Kulkarni 1992-94
Late Shri Aravind Kulkarni 1994 - 96 Late Shri Shivajirao Desai 1996
Shri Dilip Dandekar 1996 - 98 Shri Khushalchandra Poddar 1998-2000
Shri A.R. Anandpara 2000 - 2002 Shri Vikram Sarda 2002-2004
Shri E. K. Thakur 2004 - 2006 Shri Hemant Rathi 2006-2008
Smt Meenal Mohadikar 2008 - 2009 Shri Digvijay Kapadia 2009 - 2010
Mr. Mansingh Pawaar 2010 - 2011 Mr.Ashish Pednekar 2011 - 2013
Mr. Ramchandra Bhogale 2013-2015    

Affiliation to Central Organizations

The Chamber is affiliated to national level organizations of Trade and Industry such as Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), New Delhi, International Chamber of Commerce - National Committee, New Delhi, Indian Council of Arbitration, New Delhi, All India Organization of Employers, New Delhi.